Tuesday, 26 June 2012

The Gangs of Vijaipur :)

P.S: This Blog eventually turned out to be a bit personal, shared names from my life which you all might not know. So, Please bear with me. Bhawnaao ko samjho dost.

Time is indeed the best healer of all the problems we face in our life, of all the battles we fight with ourselves & of all the worries we unnecessarily surround ourselves with.  Almost an year back when I wrote my earlier blog, time was playing games with me. It was testing my patience by beleaguering me with the troubles of career & failure. And here I am sailing hard against those troubles and finally learning the ideology of “quéserá, será”

Rewind the time to almost two years back and I along with my friends find us thrown off by our company at a desolate place called Vijaipur. Entering here gave us a feeling that even dogs have a better kennel than this place. Initial days at Vijaipur were like a battleground where our Veer Yodha Aditya Garg used to fight with the "Department of Assholes- HR" regarding hostel allocation. We luckily won the war and HR people could sense a zephyr of retribution in the winds of Vijaipur since then. I got pissed off with the administration & sycophancy creeping in the Vijaipur and it was then I decided to tread on the eventful journey of preparation for CAT.  Luckily, the CAT wave took along with it many victims namely Piyush, Addi and Pandey. We had a mission of escaping through this prison and by god’s grace we all have now started dreaming about life after GAIL or rather JAIL.

I would always remember Vijaipur not by feeling of a first job posting, but by the blessing of such a rocking group of friends I had.  The leader of our Gangs of Vijaipur,BattiBhaiyya has been the torchbearer of all the noble deeds we did, be it burning Director Projects R.D GOEL’s invitation purdahs or using the office cars for our funtrips. Had Batti not been there, we all would never have felt good living in this place. I think we truly owe him a lot (though he owes me big time for molesting me as if I am his “ishika” :P :P) . The mommy of our gang,Addy Garg, was alwaysso possessive about his things that even F.R.I.E.N.D.S’smonica would get embarrass with her obsession.  Will miss his motivational talks, be it on the football ground convincing me that Tudu is a selfish bastard& I am playing good or be it the CAT motivational talks he used to give during my times of lows. Then the TAAU of our group Ajay Malik, The RohtakJaat, truly follows his Khap ideology and so has never touched a girl in his life (although everynight before sleeping he longs for this desire :P). He has a mini Wikipedia inside his growing tummy and knows the answer to any got damn technical question in any domain. Now comes the younger generation of our gang:The Multi talented polyglot, PiyushShrivastava,as pure as the character of Sunny Leone and as transparent as the blouse of poonampandey. He is one gem of a person I met in Vijaipur and indeed shared some nice close talks with him, be it sharing about our special ones or worrying about our careers ahead.He can play any damn game on this earth and can solve any maniac question of Verbal ability even in an inebriated state. Then, comes my Royal Civil Partner ChotaPandey, the official Playboy at Vijaipur or in BadaPandey’s terms “The Kiss & Tell Guy :P “. He has been my partner in crimes of all the lies I used to tell to my boss. A Technical brain like his and a Manipulative brain like me made quite a lethal combo in the deptt which actually proved quite deadly for my pitiable boss Lallaa. Poor lalla may god bless him with some other life where he is freed from all the gaalis he keeps on listening every day. And now comes the Robin Hood of Vijaipur, AnindyaPandey, the magician who can pull any got damn joke out of his hat that everyone becomes a fan of his bakaiti. Pandey, we shared some elite corporate talks and hopefully our “Don’t Tell me & Tell me na” would continue at some conference meeting of a company someday. I will surely miss those badminton matches, those concerned talks of calculating the opportunity costs of our dreaded futures and our futile attempt at hitting the gym.

And now while writing about my stay at Vijaipur, I am realizing that life there was actually not that bad as I thought it would be initially. We all actually developed a small sweet family of ours, supporting each other & making fun at each other (unfortunately usually at me) & enjoying in whatever little we had there. I will miss this sweet little family of ours and I just hope that every member of this family reach to the apex in their aspirations, where we all can celebrate the sweet smell of victory someday atop.

A Statutory warning to you all: Don’t even dare to forget each other in the busy times ahead. Otherwise Batti will come in your dreams and make them even more darker with his appearance (Apology Batti).


  1. nice one yaar .. made me relive those good old days at vijaipur ...

  2. b*****i waale chuhe tu toh writer ban sakta hai be ......nice attempt..... n best of luck !!!