Saturday, 30 April 2011

A Wishful Thought

Thoughts are the most powerful intangible assets of a man. An asset that he possesses, how difficult the conditions may be, how desolate the state of mind be or how adverse the situations be. An asset which reflects the true self of the owner, an asset which can bring about Success or a Setback too. A single thought of using the Overtly Social nature of a man transformed Mr. Zuckerberg into a millionaire, or a single thought of bringing a change lead to the ousting of Despotic Ben Ali in the Jasmine Revolution . I know by the time you are reading this, thoughts might have poked your mind too as to what message i want to convey. Friends, i am not here to discuss “how to get rich” and neither i am in a mood to rant about the crony corruption or revolutionary movements (enough has already been written in the newspapers i guess ). I am here to share about my world of thoughts, the world that is immensely deep i have realized off late. So friends, after months of procrastination, i finally decided to pen down some thoughts as they breeze through my meandering mind.
Imagine a rusty ship whose radar is lost and is left alone in a vast ocean. Imagine how this ship would sail without this radar now, struggling hard to make its way & would eventually succumb to the tides of the ocean. This is how my mind feels too, constantly meandering to find its radar, striving hard to find the time when it used to be free of all the tensions and used to breathe freely. Life is quite witty. At one point it makes you mature and a responsible person and at the other it constantly tests this maturity by piling on big problems in its way. So, with age, as the man grows his problems grow too.
 Right now, the place where i live is quite peaceful and has a lovely floral ambience around it. The blithe birds chirping and lush green surroundings make it a quite soothing place to live in, away from all the honking horns, jammed traffics & hustle-bustle of Delhi life that i have been experiencing since my childhood. Yesterday, on my way to office through the lush greenery, i noticed a small child playing with mud near his house, eating it with his tiny hands with relish enjoyment, never bothered about how this mud might harm him inside the body. And while coming back, when it started raining in the evening, i once again saw him coming out of his house, dancing in the rain, facing his mouth to the sky & trying to have a taste of the rain drops, never bothered about how this rain might make him land up in bed with fever.
This made me realize how free the childhood was, when we never bothered about the repercussions and just enjoyed the moments. As we mature, our world gets filled with innumerable problems, be it career, money, ambition, responsibilities or love etc. Our mind gets beleaguered with these issues and we constantly strive hard to solve them. How good the childhood was when these difficulties never even existed. When the only “F” word we knew was FUN, when “GETTING HIGH” meant Climbing up the high swings and enjoying up there. When “COMPETITION” meant defeating a friend in a Virtual Video Game Race than now using people as stepping stones in this race of life.  When “CRYING” meant screaming & making noise all over the house than now sitting in a lonely room & weeping with oneself silently. When “BROKEN RELATIONSHIPS” meant ‘Katti’ with a sweet friend after school and then ‘Abba’ the next day. When a girl and a boy were “Just Friends” and nothing else.
As i feel those moments of the innocent childhood, my mind keeps on getting besieged with nuances of life. The shackles of tense thoughts about career, ambition, love etc. keep on engulfing my mind, leaving no space to even think freely & joyously as it used to do. I really wish i had a CTR-DEL button in my life so that i could erase all my worries when i need to & could think freely. I wish Life could be as playful and enjoyable as it used to be years back. I wish i could get its radar back so that i could sail it easily forward.  But as i said, this Life is quite witty, it doesn’t come with a BACKSPACE.